Pupil Premium

How we use the Pupil Premium?

The school receives an extra amount of money each year for pupils who are registered to receive free school meals.

This money is used to raise the academic performance and develop the confidence of children who may for a variety of reasons be educationally disadvantaged or have interruptions in their schooling due to unavoidable moves.

We use this money in a number of different ways to target children who receive free-school meals (FSM) or have been identified to be part of another vulnerable learning group.

How will the impact of this spending be measured?

We track the progress of all pupils on a regular basis (both day-to-day and termly). Every term, teachers, governors and the headteacher meet to discuss pupil progress in order to ensure all the pupils needs are met and to make plans to help children that may need additional support in a particular area of the curriculum. Other information based upon pastoral indicators will also be discussed on a regular basis to ensure all pupils' needs can be met with the support of this additional funding.

Please contact us if you should wish to further discuss what we are doing to support learners across the school community.

What do we get and what impact does it make?

View our Annual Strategy Report on the money we receive for Pupil Premium and the impact this has upon the outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils.