The School Governing Body

Strategic Role: working with the leadership team within the school, the governors agree and recommend areas for improvement and development. We ensure that strategies, policies and procedures are in place to meet these developments. These are then documented in 'The School Development Plan'.

Monitoring & Support: we monitor the performance of the school against the School Development Plan by attending meetings and asking questions, receiving reports and other key documents and by visiting the school. We celebrate the successes of the school.

Accountability: the Governing Body has responsibility to oversee the performance of the school.

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Abbreviated Summary (April 2024):

Name of Governor Governor Category Appointing Body Term of Office Governing Body Position / Committee Attendance for
23/24 Ac. Year
Brandt, Mrs Jean-Mari* Parent Parents 02/03/20 - 06/09/23 Resigned -
Brearey, Mr Dan Head Teacher By virtue of office 02/03/20 All committees 7/7
Brown, Mrs Dawn Co-opted GB 02/03/20 - 06/06/23 Resigned -
Evans, Mrs Chantelle Staff Staff 19/06/23 - 18/06/27 T&L 3/5
Hanson, Mr Roger Co-opted Assoc GB 02/03/20 - 29/01/28 T&L 5/5
Jackson, Rev'd Tiffany Foundation PCC 18/10/21 - 20/03/23 Resigned -
Johnson, Mrs Alison LA LA/GB 02/03/20 - 29/02/28 T&L 4/5
Jones, Mr Matt* Parent Parents 02/03/20 - 29/02/28 F&R 5/5
Kercher, Ms Eleanor Co-opted Assoc GB 18/01/21 - 17/01/25 T&L 5/5
Mason, Mr Paul Foundation DBE 02/03/20 - 29/02/28 Chair of GB, Safeguarding Link, All Committees 7/7
Pemberton, Rev'd Crispin Foundation Ex-officio 02/03/20 Resigned -
Rowland, Mr Stephen Foundation PCC 02/03/20 - 29/02/28 Chair of T&L 4/5
Semple, Rev'd Sean Foundation Ex-officio 02/03/20 Resigned -
Shepherd, Mr Alex* Parent Parents 19/06/23 - 18/06/27 F&R 4/5
Turner, Mr John Co-opted GB 20/06/22 - 19/06/26 Chair of F&R 5/5
Wallin, Mrs Nicola Staff Staff 19/06/23 - 18/06/27 T&L 3/5

* Denotes Governor is currently a parent of children at school

Attendance: Attendance covers full GB and committee meetings 2023-24 during which there will be: 4 GB meetings and 8 Committee meetings. Committees include the Teaching & Learning Committee and the Finance & Resources Committee.