Outdoor Learning at Bridstow

Every Class at Bridstow School has a timetabled day when outdoor learning takes place. We are lucky enough to have a large and well equipped area of outdoor space for such a small school and we aim to make maximum use of it. Not only do we boast a large playing field, but also a small woodland area and a wildlife area with pond at the back of the building. We recently planted a further 130 native trees at one end of the school field to expand the woodland area for the future. We also have a beautiful purpose made rustic wooden outdoor classroom so that we can learn outdoor all year round.

Outdoor learning has been shown to have huge benefits for children and a 2019 study revealed many positive findings. We place high value on outdoor learning as a means not only to enrich and enhance curricular learning directly (outdoor science, maths, writing etc.) but also to encourage a sense of greater wellbeing and happiness amongst both pupils and staff. Outdoor learning can also have positive effects on mental health and pupil behaviour in the classroom as well as out of it.

Children come to school in suitable outdoor clothes on their timetabled day – they may get a bit muddy and messy! We ask that children come in suitable footwear – we keep a small stock of spare wellies in school too.

All children love outdoor learning – it’s an ever-popular activity at Bridstow, from Reception to Year 6!