Learning at Bridstow

We provide our pupils with a balanced experience of the curriculum throughout their time at Bridstow School.

Our lessons are well planned and we differentiate in order to meet the needs of our mixed-age classes and those with learning difficulties. We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their work and actions, teaching them how to work independently and in groups. Pupils are proud of their school, work hard to do their best and contribute well to the community.

There is strong provision for sport and exercise and music is another particular strength of our school, with good levels of participation in singing, instrument playing and performing. Links with other providers ensure plenty of activities such as field trips, festivals, concerts, sporting tournaments and book fairs. These activities provide a wide range of experiences for our pupils to draw on during their lessons and they help to bring learning to life.

Our School Ethos

As a Church of England School we set out to provide education within a Christian atmosphere.

The spiritual life of the school is led by a staff of committed Christians and is further developed by regular visits from the clergy and by school services held at St. Bridget's Church. Children thus receive a religious education related to the worship and teaching of the Church of England. We do this in order that children may come to know of the Christian truths and to have a faith to live by, if they so choose.

The school badge is that of St Bridget (or St Bride) of Kildare, after whom our village of Bridstow - "The Place of St Bride" - is named. It is said that the nuns of the convent founded by St Bridget kept a fire burning in memory of her, hence the symbol of the lamp. However, it may be inferred that this emblem refers to her good works, while the oak wreath represents Kildare. White was the colour of her habit, so the badge is often shown as a lamp and a wreath on a white field. [Read more about St. Bridget].

We also recognise the need to have a deep understanding of other faiths in our world community, and so consider the beliefs and practices of those from other cultures at all stages of our RE work.

Contact the School

If you have any questions about our school or wish to arrange a visit, please get in touch...

Telephone: 01989 562623


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